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Welcome to the TxSt Entrepreneurial Network site at Texas State.  This website serves as a central point for Texas State New Ventures entrepreneurial event pipeline.

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Women Entrepreneurship Week is from October 19 - 26 and is open to Texas State faculty, staff, students, and guests. The week’s activities are a joint effort among Texas State University and the Greater San Marcos Partnership.

Monday, Oct 21: Through the Ceiling: Discussion & Networking with Women Executives

McCoy's Building Supply Corporate Headquarters, 5-7:30pm

Tuesday, Oct 22: Introduction to the Innovation Corps Mini-Grant Program

STAR Park, 3055 Hunter Road, 5:00-8:30pm

Wednesday, October 23: GSMP Innovation Quick PitchGreater San Marcos Partnership


McCoy College of Business, Minifie Academic Atrium, 5-8pm

Thursday, October 24: Entrepreneurial Truths: The Good, the Bad the Reality

Reed Par Room, 11th Floor JCK, 2-6pm

Parking: Edward Gary Parking Garage

Thursday, October 24: Small Business Marketing Workshop

Reed Par Room, 11th Floor JCK, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Sponsored by: Greater San Marcos Partnership, Service-Learning Excellence Program, Materials Science, Engineering & Commercialization, Center for Diversity & Gender Studies, New Ventures, Materials & Applications Research, McCoy College of Business, Texas State University

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