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Greater San Marcos Partnership Innovation Quick Pitch

Competition: October 23, 2019; 5-8:30pm. McCoy College of Business, Minifie Academic Atrium, 4th floor


The GSMP Innovation Quick Pitch has two competitions in one! There is a student track (Track 1) for graduate and undergraduate students and a community member track (Track 2) for faculty and non-Texas State individuals. At least $500 in prize money for each track.

Application Deadline: Oct. 16

Location: McCoy College of Business, Minifie Academic Atrium, 4th floor

Parking: LBJ Student Center for our non-university guests

Time: 5-8:30 pm


Email your 90-second pitch to  Indicate if you are applying for Track 1 or Track 2.  If Track 1: - Indicate your major & classification. If Track 2: Tell us where you currently work and/or go to school (non-Texas State applications). 

Do You Have a Business Idea?

The GSMP Innovation Quick Pitch Competition is an opportunity for anyone who is in the process of developing new, innovative, and implementable business ideas, to present their business concepts in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, with $400 going to 1st place.

A Previous Pitch Winner

Click to see a previous winning pitch

Pitch Quality:

Pitches can be for-profit, non-profit, and social entrepreneurship.  Each fast pitch is judged for the quality of the presentation and its investment potential. Go to "How to Pitch"

Competition Stages:

The competition will consist of 2-Stages. Stage 1: Individuals will email their 90-second pitch by midnight, Oct. 16th, for both Track 1 and Track 2 competitions to  Stage 2: The top pitches will be selected for presentation (90-second limit) in front of a panel of experts, Wednesday, Oct. 23rd.  Finalists will be announced during the event 5-8:30pm with winners announced at the close of the event.