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NSF I-Corps Innovation Program

This event is part of the Texas State I-Corps Site grant and sponsored by Materials Applications Research Center (MARC). This is part of a 4-day program series for assisting faculty, staff, and students to develop a startup business concept during Women Entrepreneurship Week (WEW).  Founders and team members are expected to complete the application process by Sept. 24th of the current academic year in order to participate in the team event over all 4-days of the program (application opens August of the current academic year). Anyone may drop in to watch the process at any time.  Please RSVP to: All events are being held at STAR Park (3055 Hunter Road, San Marcos, TX).  During the 4-day program, participants will work alongside entrepreneurial mentors. Participants that complete all 4-days will have the opportunity to apply for a Texas State NSF I-Corps Site grant ($1,000-$3,000 per team).

Saturday Oct 13. 10-3 pm Market Validation 


This first day of the 4-day program will cover the basics of team development, initial pitch of business concept, and market validation.  Everyone thinks that their idea is the best! But, will others be willing to support that business?  In this session, you will learn how to ask questions in objective and non-leading ways to determine if there is a market for your business.  You will then be charged with going out and asking potential customers. 

Tuesday Oct 16. 5.30-8.30pm Business Development 

This is the second day of the 4-day program.  Now that you have asked potential customers about their problems, how has your business concept changed?  What else do you need to do to make this a viable business? What does the archetypal customer look like? What do you already know about your potential customers? We will answer these questions and more during this session. 

Thursday Oct 18. 5.30-8.30pm Pitch Development 

This is the third day of the 4-day program.  During this session participants will learn how to professional pitch their business concept.  You will learn what the best practices are in developing a pitch while examining the top 10 mistakes that entrepreneurs make in trying to pitch their concept.  You never know who might be interested in investing time and/or money into your business, unless you pitch your business concept to them. 

Saturday Oct 20. 10-5pm Pitch to Entrepreneurial Panel

You’ve made it!  You have completed the first three days of this program.  This last session, you will pitch your business concept to entrepreneurial mentors.  You will examine what needs to be done to go forward on your project. You will set goals and milestones to assist you to continue to work on your program.  You will have the opportunity to apply for a Texas State NSF I-Corps Site grant ($1,000-$3,000 per team) after completing the 4-day program.